Linda Bissum

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Linda Bissum's Background

Linda Bissum plans and implement cost-effective Linux and UNIX solutions for IT. Specifically, Linda helps businesses to formulate strategic solutions for all of their Linux/UNIX system administration needs to prevent system failures and unplanned downtime. The net result is not only improved uptime but also savings of many thousands of dollars.

Linda brings her extensive experience with data center infrastructure builds - including requirements, security, planning, building, and monitoring - to your business. You won't need to scrap expensive infrastructure due to growth because Linda manages your infrastructure projects from inception through completion, with careful planning to head off costly problems.

Linda has more than 20 years of technical hands-on experience with Linux and UNIX system administration, as well as practical experience with planning, implementation, and maintenance of Linux and UNIX environments.

She manages infrastructure projects to ensure stability, promote ease of growth, and simplify maintenance. Linda Bissum carefully plans short-term and long-term strategies, not only minimizing unscheduled downtime but also enabling an inexperienced sysadmin staff to effectively provide the day-to-day maintenance.